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Sample Score Illustrator
Curious about the factors that affect your Experian PLUS Score?

Below are just a few pieces of information from your Experian credit report. This can help you better understand how your credit history may have impacted your credit score.

Slide the orange dot over to the value you wish to simulate for each of the sections below.


The Score Illustrator is intended for educational purposes only. It uses select factors to which consumers can usually relate so you can get a better understanding about how your score may have been influenced by your credit behavior.

Actual credit scores are comprised of many different factors found within your credit report and each factor can affect your credit score differently. Depending on the information in your current credit report, each of the factors used here may or may not have an affect on your actual credit score, since the overall effect these factors have on a score varies from person to person.

Myths About Scoring
  1. MYTH: Checking your own credit report will hurt your score.

    FACT: Personal inquiries, also known as “soft inquiries”, are not included in your credit report and therefore are not part of your credit score calculation. So when you check your own report, you will not be lowering your score.

  2. MYTH: Your score is the only thing that matters to a creditor.

    FACT: Credit grantors may consider a number of other factors, such as your income, assets, length at current residency, and employment history, in addition to your credit score, when determining whether to extend credit. The criteria may also differ from creditor to creditor.

  3. MYTH: Scores are only used by lenders and creditors.

    FACT: Your credit report and score may even be reviewed by potential landlords and employers to determine how you´ve handled your financial obligations. But remember, they cannot review this information without your permission.

  4. MYTH: My credit score never changes.

    FACT: Your credit score is a dynamic number generated based on the contents of your credit report the moment it is requested. And since your credit report changes constantly, so will your credit score.